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How Can A Blepharoplasty Enhance Your Life?

If eyes are the windows the soul, you deserve to see them sparkle from every angle. From aging to heredity, here are many reasons you may be seeking to enhance and rejuvenate your eye area – each uniquely important and personal. Perhaps the most defining feature of our appearance, loving your eye appearance empowers your beauty to shine through. You’ll see the difference our remarkably talented team of surgeons can make through an upper or lower blepharoplasty for yourself – it’s time to make a confidence-transforming change and believe your eyes. 

An eyelid lift, also known as blepharoplasty (or eye lift), is a procedure that reduces the puffiness and bags under the eyes and removes excess skin on the upper lids. Although this procedure is often performed to enhance cosmetic purposes, it can also be used to improve vision in patients with drooping eyelids.


Are you a suitable candidate for a Blepharoplasty?

Aging is inevitable, so why not love your age and eye appearance in every season of life? It happens to everyone. As we age, our skin loses its elasticity. Excessive skin can accumulate on the upper and lower eyelids due to gravity’s constant pull. Excessive skin accumulation on the lower eyelids can lead to unwanted wrinkles and bags. Age does not always have an impact on it. Droopy eyelids and bags may be inherited and can begin to appear in the late twenties or early thirties. Eyelid surgery is likely to be beneficial for patients with any of these conditions: 


Venus Freeze Procedure & Recovery

Lower Eyelid Lift 

Upper eyelid surgery involves primarily the removal and tightening of the skin. However, lower eyelid surgeries can also be used to remove fat deposits under the eyes. This procedure, along with the removal of sagging skin, results in a smoother, firmer, and more youthful-looking surface.  

Your surgeon may also employ a new technique for lower eyelid surgery, depending on the patient. This could include dermal fillers and fat transfer. They may use fat or dermal fillers in hollowed areas below the eyes to create a plumper, more vibrant surface. Your surgeon begins eyelid surgery by making an incision beneath the lower lid eyelashes. The incision is carefully placed below the lash line, so it is almost invisible to the naked eyes. Excess fat, skin and muscle can be removed if necessary. The incision heals quickly within the eyelid’s natural creases and is nearly undetectable. 

Upper Eyelid Lift 

Your surgeon will perform an upper eyelid lift to remove excess skin and fat tissue that could be causing the droopy or inflated appearance. Although most of the drooping and fat deposits in the eyelids are caused by age, your surgeon can reverse these effects with an easy procedure that is simple enough to give you a refreshed, youthful appearance no matter your age.  

Your surgeon will make incisions at the natural creases on the upper lids to conceal any scarring then will remove any excess skin that may be obstructing vision or causing a tired or droopy appearance. Restricted skin is removed and repositioned to give the patient a younger appearance. Incisions are closed using fine sutures. 


It may seem scary at first, but when you wake up after your blepharoplasty, you will find that your vision has blurred. This is nothing to worry about. It does not mean that your surgery failed. Instead, the thick antibiotic cream is applied to your eye area to prevent the cornea from drying out. This should be used four times a day for the first week following surgery on the eye area and wounds. 

Artificial tear drops are prescribed to prevent the eye from becoming dry. Artificial tear drops should be used for 24-48 hours (about 2 days) after surgery. Patients should also rest in a sitting position using multiple pillows. For at least 7 days, avoid strenuous activities like lifting heavy objects or exercising. Patients need to be mobile, so we recommend walking slowly at first. Dark sunglasses are recommended for the first two weeks to protect the eyes against sunburn and wind damage. Regular naps are also recommended as tired eyes can develop during the recovery phase.



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