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How can Belkyra™ enhance your life

A sculpted chin in.

Even with the best workout routine and most balanced diet, some areas of stubborn fat just can’t seem to disappear on their own. Thankfully, Belkyra is here to help! This disappearing act isn’t magic – it’s proven science to gently and effectively dissolve submental (under chin) fat once and for all. Forget the photo filter – and enjoy a sleek, sculpted profile every time you look in the mirror! 

BELKYRA, also known in the United States as Kybella, is an injectable drug that reduces fat under the chin. This non-surgical treatment uses the natural substance deoxycholic acid, which is found in the body. It works by destroying the fat cells’ membranes and creating a beautiful contoured shape below the chin. 


Are you a good candidate for Belkyra™?

One or more of these three factors can cause a loss of definition or a lack thereof in the chin profile.

Belkyra Procedure, Safety & Recovery

Venus Freeze Procedure & Recovery

After determining that you are a good candidate, our staff will take several photos to follow your transformation. We then mark the area around your double chin with a grid of dots using a temporary tattoo. This will show us how much Belkyra we should use. The next step is to anesthetize the area with local painkillers before injecting the Belkyra. One injection per dot. The average person will need 20-30 small injections. To get the best results, you will need to go through two to six treatments spaced out six weeks apart.


You will notice swelling in your chin immediately. This swelling indicates that your fat cells have gone. The swelling peaks around the second day and lasts about two weeks. Another possibility is a needle mark or bruise that lasts approximately a week.It may feel hard, numb or lumpy. It will be sensitive to touch. This is normal part of healing. It typically takes 6-8 week for it to settle. Then, once it’s gone, we proceed with the next treatment. 

WITH Belkyra™